Coswin Nom@d

Coswin Nom@d

Coswin Nom@d Mobile solution for your itinerant collaborators

Coswin Nom@d


Coswin Nomad is a tool for maintenance on the go

PDA, smartphones and other mobile devices have become essential working and  communication tools in an environment often spread over several geographical locations. Coswin Nom@d allows remote access to the data stoked in your CMMS Coswin. Your itinerant technicians can therefore receive and send data from their intervention location.


Key benefits

Key benefits of Coswin Nom@d



  • Savings on staff travellings
  • No more double data entries
  • Communication from Coswin Nom@d to Coswin real time connected mode or differred synchronization according to your resources: 3G, GPRS, Edge, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Configurable screens from Coswin Resources Editor : add/ deletion of  fields, properties, positioning
  • Memory usage for application adapted  to user  profile
  • Optimized and intuitive ergonomic application to limit the action of the users and data entry errors
  • Complete handling of barcodes on all fields
  • Use with or without embedded data to limit data exchange
  • Optimization of data transfer modes for differed synchronization of voluminous files (video, audio)
  • Multilingual use :  dutch, english, french, german, greek, spanish, brazilian
  • In dictionnaries, you can choose the destination of entry file data
  • The recorded parameters can be executed one or several times
  • Control of the coherence of imported data and rejection of erroneous information

Planned Maintenance


  • Access to WO
  • Access to interventions activities
  • Access to spares required for interventions
  • Management of daily round through WO action reports
  • Meter-readings entries

Benefits Technical team
Immediate, reliable and  complete information
Time saving

Benefits Direction
Better staff productivity
Procedures  conformance
Savings on staff travelling


Corrective Maintenance


  • Access to feedback on equipment interventions
  • Creation/modification of job requests
  • Conversion of  Job requests into Work orders
  • Creation of corrective WO directly on PDA
  • Checking of completed hours, registering diagnosis and remarks.

Benefits Technical team :
Immediate availability of Equipment feedback
Quick Access to equipment details (barcode)

Benefits Direction :
Intervention efficiency (from start)
Immediate update of data

Strong point :
Stopwatch for multiple Work orders in order to track time spent and to record on Work orders


WO Feedback


  • Employee feedback
  • Signature on screen
  • Symptoms, defects, causes, repair actions
  • Used Stock
  • Media files association : photo, video, audio

Benefits Technical team :
Feedbacks « on site » and immediate entry

Benefits Direction :
Traceability of  validation thanks to signatures collection
Traceability of equipment status before/after repair thanks to photos loading
Planning optimization


Equipment Inventory


  • Access to the equipment simplified file
  • Features updates :
    Integration of equipment photo from terminal CMMS update
  • Groups inventory mode :
    Grouped equipments identification by bar code (1 or 2D) or Rfid
    Global updates of established list features : status, structures, function, position etc.

Benefits Technical team :
Inventory real time
On site integration of equipments and their characteristics

Benefits Direction :
All equipment mastered with improved traceability

Strong point :
Time stamp management for PDA transactions ensuring data conformity for remote multi-users synchronization


Stock management


  • Entries of WO issues or cost center
  • Stock inventory:
    - AD HOC: inventory not scheduled, created by browsing stock module
    - Scheduled: inventory prepared in Coswin to be retrieved on PDA for execution

Benefits technical team :
Immediate entry: time saving

Benefits Direction team :
Financial benefits (reduction of time and inventory costs)

Coswin Nom@d in Brief

Coswin Nom@d allows :


  • Meter reading and automatic updates
  • Work order creation & feedback
  • Simplification of maintenance rounds (inspection, safety, …)
  • Entry of comments, actions, defects
  • Reading of filtered Coswin database information such as equipment history, parts lists, job guidelines, activities & actions




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