Coswin BIM

BIM (Building Information Modelling) and CMMS - integration of BIM Server


Coswin BIM : integration of your 3D digital models into Coswin 8i

The integration of BIM Server* allows to :

  • Import digital mock-ups into IFC format ** in the BIM server and view them in 3D in Coswin 8i,
  • Calling an object of a digital mock-up from topographical details (using a table of correspondence between each BIM object and the Equipment code in Coswin 8i),
  • Associate Coswin 8i functions (examples: topographical details display, create JR / WO, JR / WO selector ...) to the objects identified in the digital model.

*BIM Server is an open source operating system in a web-based environment that can be accessed over the Internet, allowing you to manage and share templates in IFC format.
**Standardised file format (ISO 16739) oriented object used by the building industry to exchange and share information between software.