Coswin BI

With Coswin BI, Siveco Group integrates a Business Intelligence module with Coswin 8i allowing you to design interactive graphical analyzes.

Coswin BI: put Business Intelligence in your CMMS !

Coswin BI is a user-friendly tool that allows you to design in a few clicks interactive and dynamic graphics for data analysis (thanks to color codes, different types of diagrams and charts, histograms, curves, gauges, counters…).
Coswin BI allows you to better visualize and understand your data from the Coswin 8i CMMS in order to analyze the maintenance activity and facilitate decision-making.

This intuitive Business Intelligence solution integrated into Coswin 8i allows:
- Regular monitoring of the performance of the Maintenance activity,
- real time exploitation, analysis and restitution of data,
- support for decision-making,
- the creation of forecast analysis to anticipate the evolution of the activity.