Coswin Nom@d

Coswin Nom@d Mobile solution for your itinerant collaborators

Coswin Nom@d


Coswin Nomad is a tool for maintenance on the go

PDA, smartphones and other mobile devices have become essential working and  communication tools in an environment often spread over several geographical locations. Coswin Nom@d allows remote access to the data stoked in your CMMS Coswin 8i. Your itinerant technicians can therefore receive and send data from their intervention location.


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Key benefits of Coswin Nom@d


  • Savings on staff travel
  • No more double data entries
  • Instant communication from Coswin Nom@d to Coswin 8i
  • Configurable screens from Coswin 8i screen editor
  • Designed to limit the action of users and input errors
  • Complete barcode support in all fields
  • Use with or without embedded data for real time sychronised data exchange
  • Effectively designed data transfer modes for minimising delayed synchronisation of large files (video, audio)
  • Multilingual use :  Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Brazilian
  • Secure communication between Nom@d and Coswin 8i by Web services
  • Control of consistency of imported data and rejection of incorrect information
  • Manage the timestamping of transactions on the terminal for multiple synchronisations in multiple users, support of the different time zones





  • Voice recognition function and transformation into text in comment fields of the JR and Work Order modules
  • Possibility of using the smartphone's camera to read bar codes and QR codes
  • Managing linked files between Coswin 8i for Equipment, JR and Work Orders on demand
  • Management of job notifications for JR’s and Work Orders created in Coswin 8i with the possibility of GIS coupling
  • Geolocation of JR and Work Orders - graphical display of their position in Google Maps
  • Possibility of opening the map to display the route to get there



Equipment Management


  • Access to the simplified equipment  file, creation, modification and management of unit or batch records of equipement including:
  • Status update, position, function
  • Integration of the equipment picture from the device to update Coswin 8i
  • Group identification of equipment by barcode
  • 1 or 2D or Rfid


Maintenance - Job Requests


  • Creation, support and modification of Job Requests
  • Access to job request activities
  • Access to parts required for job
  • Reporting based on work order actions feedbacks
  • Meter-readings feedbacks



Planned Maintenance

Work orders to be completed

  • Access to job request activities
  • Access to parts required for job
  • Reporting based on work order actions feedbacks
  • Meter-readings feedback


Corrective Maintenance


  • Work Orders to be completed
  • Access to work order equipment history  
  • Transformation of job request into work order
  • Creation of work order patches directly onto the PDA
  • Total of hours carried out and seizing diagnostics and comments
  • Possibility of creating actions from the work order

the timekeeper multi Work order to follow time spent and proceed quickly to the Wo feedback.


WO Feedback


  • Employee time feedback
  • Signature on screen
  • Symptoms, defaults, causes, remedies
  • Stock used
  • Media files association : photo, video, audio
  • Visualisation and updates of the technical attributes in the work order module


Stock management


  • Input of issues on Work Orders or cost centres
  • Stock inventory:
    - Blind : non-planned inventory carried out while browsing the stock
    - Planed : the inventory prepared under Coswin 8i is collected on the terminal and followed for information



Coswin Nom@d allows :


  • Meter reading and automatic updates
  • Work order creation & feedback
  • Simplification of maintenance rounds (inspection, safety, …)
  • Entry of comments, actions, defects
  • Reading of filtered Coswin database information such as equipment history, parts lists, job guidelines, activities & actions