Specific developments & interfaces

To go further in customer service, Siveco Group offers and realizes specific developments and interfaces that aim to personalize your Coswin 8i solution to fit your needs as closely as possible.

Customize Coswin 8i according to your specific needs


Whether it is a brand new implementation or one for an existing Coswin user, the development of specific programs is often an advantage. While it is true that Coswin application offers a large number of features as standard, for the sake of performance and time saving it is sometimes necessary to modify or add certain features. For this reason, Siveco Group offers to provide personalisation and functional adaptation for business oriented use.  
The specific developments provided by Coswin (database triggers, plugins etc.) can significantly extend and also strengthen the operational possibilities of the application.

  • Some samples of needs
    • To simplify the use of certain modules
    • To find an industry relevant behaviour in Coswin
    • To use Coswin as an information source for other applications
    • To use external methods of data collection methods: ERP, remote terminals, CTM (centralised technical management), BTM (building technical management)
    • To provide interfaces in « real time » or « differed time »
  • Advantages
    • Integration of Coswin into the Information System
    • Time saving
    • Prevention of input duplication
    • Coswin user-friendliness and simplicity
    • Reliability of data