Siveco Group helps you to pilot your CMMS implementation project. A team and a proven project methodology to accompany you. Customized advice and on demand.

Our experts at your service

Our experts are at your disposal and at your side to make you benefit from our 37 years of experience in CMMS project management.

In order to offer you optimal monitoring of your project, we offer a full range of services in accordance with your requirements and constraints:

  • Project management

    Siveco Group put Professional teams at your disposal: « Project manager», « Project leaders », « consultants », « trainers », « developers », to guide you in your Coswin CMMS projects:

    • Coswin Deployment
    • Coswin Migration
    • CMMS Extension or reorganisation
  • Change management

    The project of implementing CMMS software is at the core of the company’s innovation. This implementation can produce modifications amongst users’ practices. Human impact must therefore always being taken into account all along the project.
    The « Management of Change » is aimed to ease the acceptation of changes induced by the implementation of the new project and reduce rejection factors.

    • Users’ involvement,
    • communication,
    • training,
    • documentation,
    • assistance

    are key factors of a successful project and Siveco Group can help you and bring all its expertise in order to set up your Coswin CMMS solution in the optimum conditions.

  • Consulting

    Our teams are Coswin CMMS solution’s experts and are composed of specialists in all maintenance trades. Our clients therefore can be ensured that a relevant expertise will answer their problematic before, during and after Coswin’s implementation.

    Speed Coaching

    When Coswin is set up, Siveco Group can propose to its customers Speed Coaching, a personalized accompaniment to improve Coswin exploitation.

    2 types of offer :

    • Speed Coaching functional, to optimize your daily use of Coswin
    • Speed Coaching  Administrator to optimize your technical knowledge in order to save time  on the administration of Coswin  

    Our consultants coach your users individually during two hours sessions which are designed specifically to answer any user questions and to optimise their daily operations.

    The stages of Speed Coaching:

    • Firstly, we develop and validate the coaching plan: all users to be coached are listed and a detailed schedule is developed, allocating two hours to each user.
    • Secondly, the coaching session takes place: here the user is asked to describe their interaction with Coswin and any problems encountered. Our consultant then reacts to this, relying on expertise and in-depth knowledge of the product to provide the best solution in each instance, optimising the daily use of Coswin .
    • In the final stage a collective meeting is held where all users can share and discuss their thoughts and ideas. This session is held to reinforce what has already been learned individually and to provide a synthesis of the different solutions suggested, so that all users can gain a deeper understanding of Coswin functionality.

    The results are immediate! You will see an instant improvement in efficiency and user ability, following these professionally run and developed courses!

  • Technical architecture

    Our teams have all proficiencies regarding the environments (operating systems / databases) on which Coswin is compatible. Therefore our clients can be ensured that Coswin CMMS will be integrated in their respective architectures with optimum performance of our solution.

    Our scope of actions:

    • Analysis of the architecture to implement
    • Installation of the environnent
    • DAT and  exploitations’ files editions
    • Environment update and migration  
    • Change of servers
    • Audit of existing architecture
  • Data recovery

    In order to ease Coswin CMMS implementation and save your time, our consultants can recover your existing data from any other CMMS solutions, Excel files or other databases. Then, they can inject them in Coswin.
    This is done in a few clicks thanks to our standards Tools (clic clac, IDE…).
    Thanks to the simplicity and quickness of our import modules, you will manage your data import towards your Coswin CMMS software in comfort and you won’t lose anything of your ancient application!

  • Realisation

    If you don’t have the necessary resources to realize Coswin parameterization, entrust this task to Siveco Group project team :

    • Screens customisation
    • Preparation of data recovery files
    • Preparation of user profiles
    • Construction or customisation of indicators
    • Documentations editing (specifications files , training supports, user manuals, …)

    You will have the guarantee of quality result in the earliest opportunity.