Facility Management

Coswin 8i CMMS, your properties and technical maintenance amenities dedicated functionalities

Our CMMS software has been created in order to take into account the needs of maintenance, utilities and buildings management companies


Functionalities :


  • Inventory of assets and premises
  • Occupants Job requests management
  • Multi-sites management/multiservices/multi-contracts
  • Planning of preventive works
  • Clients and providers’ management contracts
  • Running providers
  • Quality Indicators/availability/reactivity

Coswin 8i is an adaptable and evolving CMMS solution suitable for very simple or more complex needs such as multi-sites configurations.



  Spie, Cofely-Axima, Cofely-Ineo, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Universcience, Carrefour, Parlement Européen (Bruxelles, Luxembourg et Strasbourg), RESE Syndicat des eaux de Charente Maritime, SYDED du Lot, Le Grand Dijon, Angers Loire Métropole, DEA Conseil Général de Seine Saint Denis, Matgénie…